Our Instructors 
Our instructors serve as our strength in providing solutions to clients. Their vast experience will help satisfy the needs of the clients and bring success to the companies. All of our experts have years of experience and in-depth knowledge in their area where they provide support and services. With innovative ideas and most modern tools and techniques our experts adheres to unique needs of the clients. 

The data analysis results reveal that the one of the most influential factor on transfer of training is the trainees’ language. In this regard, Nafta increases the effectiveness of its training programs through using blingual instructors. The result on this influential factor on the transfer of training enable trainees’ behavioral changes on their workplace.
Our instructors include the leading technical experts in the petroleum, information technology, finance and other industries. Most are consultants who work on the leading edge of technology, addressing the most pressing challenges the industries face today.
They provide an experience that is engaging, practical and 100% relevant for professionals throughout the different industries. The investment you make is attached to the outcome and results customized by lever aging to these leading experts.