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This course presents the current state of development of several unique and unconventional drilling applications being used worldwide in the industry today.  These include UnderBalanced Operations (UBO), Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD), Casing Drilling (CD) and Mud Cap Drilling in addition to a brief synopsis of current Drilling and Completing of Unconventional Plays (Shale) and HPHT Well Operations. The course presents the concepts behind each advanced drilling application, its benefits, how it is accomplished, and the associated equipment systems involved.  It cannot deliver an in-depth look at these technologies in the timeframe but attempts to achieve a basic understanding and overview of each technology. 

  • Case histories will be offered for most of the subject presentations.
  • General Technical and Marketing Trends are offered as each subject is covered


This short course is an advanced and comprehensive course intended for anyone responsible for Drilling activities and its management.



Course content

Drilling Technology Overview
UnderBalanced Operations (UBO)
Definitions, Concept and Application
Candidate I.D./  Technique Selection
Hydraulics/Hole Cleaning 
Determining the Operational Window
Operational Techniques 
UBO Equipment
RCDs, Flow Chokes, Separators
Surface Fluid Handling Equipment and Layout
Flow Path Design
Flow Drilling
Gasified Fluids
Case History; UBO Operations 

Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) 
MPD Overview
Concept and Technique Selection 
Basis Of Design (Design & Operational Elements)
Elements of Hydrodynamic Modeling 
Required Surface Equipment
Flow Paths
Offshore Floaters
Surface Monitoring
MPD Variations
Varying Pressure
CBHP and Advanced MPD Techniques
PCP (Point of Constant Pressure)
MPD Sample Hydraulic Design
Fluid Type Selection
Use of Hydraulic Simulator Software
Determining Optimum Flow Rates
Case History: Several Onshore and Offshore Examples

Mud Cap Operations
Concept / Applications
System Design and Equipment Layout
Mudcap Fluids and Volume Calculations
Mudcap Operations 
High Pressure Mudcap 
MPD Connections and Tripping
MPD and UBO Completions Guidelines 
Transitioning to and from MPD
UBO/MPD Hydraulic Design Using ERDS Software
Case History:  Australia MUDCAP,  Makassar Straight
Dual Gradient 
Concept / Applications - RMR
Reel Well
Case History;  Generic Examples
Casing Drilling 
Overview and Applications 
Casing Drilling Systems
TESCO “Casing Drilling” 
WEATHERFORD  “Drilling with Casing”
BAKER “EZ Drill” 
Casing Drilling Cont.’ 
Casing Drilling Systems 
TESCO “Casing Drilling”  
WEATHERFORD  “Drilling with Casing” 
BAKER “EZ Drill” 
Design Elements 
Candidate Identification 
Casing and Connection Considerations 
Bits (Drill Shoes) and BHAs 
Casing Drilling Mechanics
Case History:  Conoco Phillips  Lobo Field South Texas
Unconventional Plays 
Current status of development in Lower 48
Economic Impact 
Combining Horizontal / ERD Drilling and Frac Technologies
Drilling Issues
Shale Play Completions 
Multi-stage Isolation / Frac
Completion Equipment Systems 
Case History:  Cheyenne Petroleum,  “Eagleford Shale”  
HP/HT  Operations
Definitions and HP/HT Challenges (limitation for HT)
Planning Issues
Pore Pressure / Fracture Gradient (Narrow Margins)
Casing program Options
Wellbore ballooning / fracture charging
Effects of temperature on well design and mud properties
Dynamic & static volumetric well control techniques / bullheading 
Rig Issues
Rig Component Requirements
Pre job rig inspections 
Well Control Issues
Kick prevention and detection in HP/HT wells
Kill Methods
BOP Equipment
Surface Pressure Limitations 
Drilling Fluid Issues
Stability and Density Issues
Oil Mud Advantages
Mud Coolers (Chillers)
Drilling Operation and Contingencies 
Downhole Drilling Tools (MWD/LWD etc.) Limitations
Some Completion Issues
Intelligent Completions
Definitions and Concept (Digital oil field) 
IC Candidates - Reservoir Analysis and Completion Design 
Completion Equipment Systems
Electoric system 
Hydraulic system 
Real-Time Sensors for Flow, Temperature and Pressure 
Electoric control system 
Optical control system 
Remote and Real-Time Monitoring and Control (Well Inflow and Injection)
IC System Vendors
Major Service Companies
Case Study Example: 
Expandable CSG 
Concept & Applications
Slimhole Drilling
Definitions and Concept
CT drilling
Small bit issue 
New Bit 
Definitions & Applications 
Hybrid and Special Purpose Bits
Particle Impact Drilling (PID)
High performance mud ( Basic Introduction )
Definitions & Applications 
Comparision with OBM / SBM 
Wrap-Up and Closing 

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