Course description

This course provides essential knowledge required for achieving excellence in maintenance management. Work control, planning, and scheduling will be covered. Participants will receive a sound, integrated, basic knowledge of the maintenance function and how to progress towards world-class performance. Individual action plans will carry course learning into the work environment. Better utilization of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) will be covered in this course.


Maintenance supervisors, team leaders, or managers needing to improve their maintenance programs. This course is a broad survey of essential aspects of maintaining a safe, efficient and reliable facility asset.


Course content

•    World class standards
•    Maintenance strategies
•    Planning and scheduling
•    Optimizing Preventative and Predictive maintenance
•    Identifying critical equipment
•    Utilizing your CMMS
•    Supplier certification
•    Developing organizational competence
•    Presenting your action plan

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