Course description

This course focuses on casing design, both from engineering and an operational perspective. Design concepts are provided for a wide range of straightforward and hostile environments. It examines the nomenclature of casing design, manufacturing processes, materials and properties. The theory of burst, collapse and axial loading is discussed along with design policies and procedures. A thorough review of API specifications is performed along with a review of the theory behind these specifications and their limitations. Connections and special cases, including HPHT and sour service are discussed. A significant part of this course involves exercises and may involve self-paced activities (home work) outside the classroom schedule. Students should have a personal calculator and access to a computer with a spreadsheet software program and know how to enter formulas in the spreadsheet software.


This course targets well design engineers and engineers with special interest in critical well design.


Course content

•    Introduction
•    Material and Mechanical Properties of Steel
•    Stress-Strain and Deformation
•    Oilfield Tubular Nomenclature
•    API/ISO Ratings and Formulas
•    Steel Testing
•    Exercises
•    Tubular manufacturing specifications
•    Introduction to sour service considerations
•    Design Concepts
•    Life of well considerations in design decision
•    Triaxial Loading
•    Casing Design Concepts
•    Exercises
•    Corrosion Resistant Alloys
•    Tubular FailuresBuckling
•    Connections 
•    Thread design
•    Thread types API and proprietary
•    Thread leak resistance
•    Connection make-up
•    Casing Setting Depth Determination
•    Pore pressure and fracture gradient importance
•    Kick tolerance
•    Casing setting depth for kick tolerance
•    Exercises
•    Service Life Models
•    Load Cases
•    Base Case
•    Procurement
•    Inspection
•    Load Design for Burst
•    Load Design for Collapse
•    Load Design for Axial Load
•    Storage and Handling
•    Storage compounds
•    Pipe storage facility
•    Final Comprehensive Casing Design Project

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