Course description

The objectives of this workshop are to improve the outcomes of negotiations by enhancing your negotiating skills. You will learn to apply a structured approach to negotiating which, combined with the practice sessions incorporated into this program, will improve your negotiating confidence. You will be exposed to the Breakthrough Negotiation Strategy to help you achieve results in difficult and complex negotiations.
This course concentrates on the hydraulic principles of centrifugal pumps as well as the mechanical considerations in centrifugal pump designs. 
Learn hydraulic theory as it applies to centrifugal pumps and criteria for proper selection of pumps. 
A unique opportunity to learn many of the parameters of pump design and application that are not normally found in textbooks. You are encouraged to bring actual problems from your job experience to class. Problems will be answered in class or on an individual basis, depending on the complexity of the application.


This course is tailored to people who have some pump knowledge and are seeking a deeper understanding of how centrifugal pumps work, and when and how to apply this knowledge. This course benefits those who are involved in some facet of pump design or application, or those who are interested in pursuing a career in these areas. You should have a degree in engineering and some work-related experience with pumps or equivalent experience in the pump field.


Course content

•    Understand centrifugal pump impeller design 
•    Evaluate various suction configurations and their impact on pump performance 
•    Size suction inlet and impeller eye for best pump efficiency or best NPSH 
•    Determine radial and axial forces on impeller 
•    Calculate shaft deflection and bearing loads on rotor assembly 
•    Calculate shaft and key stresses 
•    Calculate required casting thickness, flange thickness and bolt requirements 
•    Determine optimum speed for pump operation 
•    Select the proper pump type for each particular application 
•    Approximate head, capacity and efficiency values even before you have made a final pump selection 
•    Calculate the effects on pump performance of handling viscous liquids 
•    Select pumps for operation in series or parallel 
•    Make cost effective pump selections

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