Course description

This programme provides the essential skills need for personnel to develop in a management position within the Oil and Gas industry to deliver effective, value added and cost effective solutions to the business. 
The programme will be based on a mix of interactive training sessions, diagnostic workshops, and one-on-one advisory surgeries. Throughout the programme, participants will have the opportunity to work on and practice the key skills of the different competencies. 
The program will be specifically aligned with the organisational context and will help participants explore how to develop effective management skills in their specific work environment. It will also be tailored to address the specific challenges faced in the oil and gas industry. 


The delegates will be in managerial positions, mainly at the middle management / head of department level


Course content

•    Build highly productive working relationships with internal clients 
•    Understand the communication process and relevant communication media 
•    Know how to increase information awareness in the workplace 
•    Understand leadership styles 
•    Understand leadership qualities and review own leadership qualities and potential 
•    Understand and use a range of strategic tools for analysis and prediction 
•    Learn how to integrate strategic tools into a flexible planning framework 
•    Find out how to engage colleagues in the strategic process 
•    Understand the importance of creativity and innovation for the organisation 
•    Know how to plan work 
•    Understand the importance of efficiency and effectiveness to achieve objectives 
•    Know how to manage performance 
•    Build flexibility into organisational and individual processes 
•    Understand basic marketing and benchmarking concepts 
•    Understand ethics and values in business 
•    Understand the macro vs. micro view 
•    Know how to describe a problem, its nature, scope and impact 
•    Know how to gather and interpret information to solve a problem 
•    Know how to solve a problem 
•    Think critically and analytically 
•    Understand a range of decision strategies and their uses 
•    Use appropriate decision strategies 

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