Course description

This course builds a firm foundation in the principles and practices of directional drilling, calculations, and planning for directional and horizontal wells. Specific problems associated with directional/horizontal drilling such as torque, drag, hole cleaning, logging and drill string component design are included. Participants will receive instruction on planning and evaluating horizontal wells based on the objectives of the horizontal well. 


Drilling, production and operations engineers, field supervisors, toolpushers, managers and technical support personnel


Course content

o    Applications for directional drilling
o    Directional profiles
o    Extended reach wells
o    Survey calculations and accuracy
o    Dogleg severity calculations and problems associated with doglegs
o    Planning directional and horizontal wells
o    Horizontal drilling methods and applications
o    Logging high angle wells
o    Hole-cleaning
o    Multi-laterals
o    Types of survey instruments
o    Tools used to deflect a wellbore
o    Torque and drag calculations
o    Cementing

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