Course description

This course takes a comprehensive look at the functions of drilling fluids, and then addresses how to engineer a mud system. Water based, oil based and synthetic mud systems are covered.


Drilling and mud engineers


Course content

o    Introduction
o    Functions of Drilling Fluids
o    Composition of Water Base Mud
o    Clay Chemistry
o    Rheology
o    Water Base Mud Products & Systems
o    High Performace WBM
o    Oil and Synthetic Base Mud Products and Systems 
o    Lost Circulation and Stuck Pipe Problems
o    High Pressure and High Temperature Technologies, Applications and Systems 
o    Hole Cleaning
o    Virtual Hydraulics and Real Time Measurements
o    Reservoir Drill-in Fluid Systems
o    Completions Fluids, Well Clean Up and Displacement Procedures
o    Solids Control Equipment
o    Emerging Technologies
o    Course Review 
o    Open Discussion & Wrap Up

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