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12/15/2023 5 Days 7350 AED Dubai, United Arab Emirates Register
11/15/2023 5 Days 7350 AED Dubai, United Arab Emirates Register
10/15/2023 5 Days 7350 AED Dubai, United Arab Emirates Register
9/15/2023 5 Days 7350 AED Dubai, United Arab Emirates Register
8/15/2023 5 Days 7350 AED Dubai, United Arab Emirates Register
7/15/2023 5 Days 7350 AED Dubai, United Arab Emirates Register
6/15/2023 5 Days 7350 AED Dubai, United Arab Emirates Register

Course description

This introductory course is designed to provide participants with a complete and up-to-date overview of gas conditioning operations and processing technology. It covers product specifications and the processes available to condition the gas in order to meet these requirements. Participants will understand the nature and purpose of key gas processing operations, and how the individual operations are integrated into plants to process diverse feed streams received from oil and gas fields around the world.


  • Those directly involved in supervising gas processing operations
  • Managers involved in the planning and development of new gas processing facilities or modifying existing facilities
  • Production Supervisors, Senior Operators and those involved with gas production and injection
  • Individuals involved in negotiation contracts for the sale of Natural Gas, LPG and NGL Products
  • Newly employed engineers and technicians in the oil and gas processing industry
  • Both technical and non-technical personnel
  • Those employed in the activities that support gas processing



Course content

  • Introduction to Natural Gas Processing:
    • World Natural Gas Occurrence and Production
    • Natural Gas Origin and History
    • NIGC – Near Future Natural Gas Processing Infrastructure
    • Natural Gas Value Chain Overview
    • Natural Gas Processing Facility Block Diagram
    • Fluid Properties – Natural Gas Constituents and Physical Properties
    • Phase Behaviour – Water Hydrocarbon Systems
    • Scope of Natural Gas Processing – Process Objectives
    • Scope of Natural Gas Field Processing – Type and Source of Natural Gas
    • Scope of Natural Gas Field Processing – Field, Location, and Size.
  • Liquid Separation
    • Purpose, Principles and Terminology
    • Separation Equipment- Common Components
    • Types of Separators
    • Separation Principles
    • Separator Design
    • Factors Affecting Separation
    • Operational Problem
    • Trouble Shooting
  • Natural Gas Sweetening
    • Purpose and Introduction
    • Process classification
    • Batch vs. continuous
    • Solvent vs. solid based
    • Batch Processes
    • Solid vs. liquid/slurry based
    • Continuous Processes
    • Alkanol-Amine based solvents
    • Mixed solvents (enhanced/activated/formulated)
    • Physical solvents
    • Direct conversion
    • Liquid phase oxidation of H2S
    • Adsorption on solids
    • Membranes
    • Process Selection Guidelines
    • Design Procedures and Guidelines
    • Operations – Problems and Troubleshooting
  • Natural Gas Dehydration
    • Introduction- Purpose of Gas Dehydration
    • Pipeline Specification
    • Hydrate Prevention
    • Methods of Dehydration
    • Absorption Dehydration Using Glycol
    • Solid Bed Adsorption
    • Expansion Refrigeration (LTX units)
    • Design Techniques and Guidelines
    • Operations of Dehydration Facilities
    • Trouble Shooting
    • Natural Gas Dehydration- Process Selection
  • Natural Gas Liquid Recovery
    • Why NGL recovery?
    • NGL components and specifications
    • Introduction to low-temperature processes
    • Processing objectives
    • Transportable gas
    • Sales gas
    • Maximum NGL recovery
    • Value of NGL
    • Liquid Recovery Processes

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