Course description

This course is an introduction to petroleum geochemistry concepts and applications for basin-scale evaluations. It begins with a review of source rock formation and covers source rock description using qualitative and quantitative methods.  The main focus of the course is basin-scale evaluation using basin modeling integrated with diverse geochemical datasets. Students will learn to calibrate basin models using  source  rock  datasets,  increase  model  precision  with  source  rock  kinetics  data, integrate oil data (i.e., biomarkers) as well as gas data (i.e., isotopes) into the regional  model  and  interpretation.  The basin modeling discussion will include issues of migration and charge history. The course covers standard interpretations of rock, oil, and gas data in conventional and unconventional systems.


This course is designed for petroleum geologists with little exposure to geochemistry, geochemists with experience in conventional.


Course content

•    Geochemical interpretation – Introduction
•    Source rock deposition
•    Recognizing and characterizing source rocks
•    Measured maturity indicators
•    Qualitative and quantitative hydrocarbon generation
•    Introduction to basin & petroleum systems modeling
•    B & PS modelling inputs and parameterization
•    Workshop BPSM1: Building 1-D models in Genesis
•    Geothermics and tectonic settings of basins
•    Temperature and maturity calibration of basin models
•    Workshop: BPSM2: Thermal calibration of 1-D models in project context
•    Source rocks & wireline logs
•    Source rocks in models: kinetics, initial potential and volumetrics
•    Workshop BPSM3: Source rock kinetics and hydrocarbon potential in Kinex
•    Introduction to 3-D modelling: Carrier beds and seals
•    Workshop: BPSM4: Building a 3-D basin model in Trinity
•    Workshop: BPSM5: Calibrating the 3-D thermal model with well data
•    Modelling of hydrocarbon migration
•    Workshop BPSM6: Modelling petroleum migration and entrapment
•    Workshop BPSM7: Using HotSpot to manipulate and create data displays
•    Risk analysis in basin & petroleum systems models
•    Workshop: BPSM8: Model assessment, uncertainty and risk analysis

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