Course description

This course covers all major aspects of HPHT well construction projects. It covers the theories, technicalities and practicalities of HPHT wells complete with impending risks and challenges. This course is also equipped with case studies on both successful HPHT well projects and the mistakes of past projects. Special emphasis is placed on Geopressure detection analysis.
This course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and understanding on ways to overcome the challenges and risks in HPHT wells while elevating the effectiveness of their HPHT wells practices, giving special emphasis on methods to detect and analyse Geopressures in HPHT wells.


This course is designed for drilling engineers, company men, supervisors, toolpushers, drillers, assistant drillers, derrickmen, and technical managers responsible for improving drilling performance at the rig site.


Course content

•    Introduction
•    HPHT Overview - Defining the HPHT Environemnt
•    Geological & Geophysical Aspects of Abnormal Pressures
•    Highlights of Previous Challenges Faced in HPHT Wells
•    Understanding the Differences Between HPHT Drilling and Normal Well Operations
•    Domino Theory
•    Operational Front End Planning Requirements
•    HPHT Drilling Practices
•    HPHT Specific Equipment Overview
•    Ensuring Mitigation of Challenges Faced in Earlier HPHT Wells
•    Losses/Gains - Understanding Supercharging, Frac Fills, Ballooning
•    HPHT Well Control - on bottom, while stripping, out of hole 
•    Drilling Defintions
•    Water versus Oil Based Muds
•    Gas Solubility Effects in an Oil Based Mud
•    Fingerprinting the Well
•    Alternative Drilling Fluids
•    Pit Discipline
•    Ensuring a Highly Visible Safety Culture
•    Managed Pressure Drilling
•    Applications in HPHT Operations
•    Case History - Lessons Learned from Macondo
•    WellCasing Design Considerations in HPHT Wells
•    HPHT New Technology for Formation Evaluation
•    Cementing Practices
•    HPHT Testing Practices
•    Course Review and Wrap Up

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