Course description

The Stuck Pipe Prevention workshop provides the most comprehensive coverage in the industry for understanding and preventing the underlying causes of Stuck Pipe, Wellbore Instability, Loss Circulation, and other sources of non-productive time (NPT) in drilling operations. The workshop also focuses on correct responses by individuals and teams, early warning signs, and minimizing the impact to drilling operations. Through world-class presentations, practical discussion, and the best reference and instructional materials available, delegates hone their knowledge of basic drilling technology and how it relates to avoiding NPT.


The course is designed to benefit those involved in the planning stage of the well as well as those involved in the rig's day to day operations.


Course content

•    Introduction, geology and rock mechanic reminder 
•    Statistics about NPT
•    Rock structure, mineralogy, main characteristics of sedimentary rock
•    Rock mechanic: stress in the ground, stress effect on hole stability
•    Rock mechanic and hole stability exercises
•    Drill string limits, mud and hole cleaning reminder 
•    Drill string characteristics, overpull margin, buckling 
•    Mud and hole cleaning: rheology and hole trajectory influence on hole cleaning
•    Methods to assess the quality of the hole cleaning
•    Methods to improve the hole cleaning
•    Causes of stuck pipe and first actions 
•    Differential sticking
•    Mechanical and wellbore geometry sticking
•    Solids induced pack off
•    Warning signs of stuck pipe occurrence 
•    Example for case study: determination and analysis of causes of stuck pipe
•    Methods to free the drill string 
•    Determination of the stuck point, exercises
•    Jarring: hydraulic and mechanical jar
•    Exercises on mechanical jar adjustment
•    Differential pressure reduction, exercises
•    Use of lubricant pills
•    Back off, exercises
•    Procedure for a fishing job 
•    Description, function and utilization of different fishing equipment
•    Preventive measures 
•    How to avoid stuck pipe and prevent drill string rupture while drilling and stripping
•    Choices in planning fishing operation
•    Directional drilling problems and solutions

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