Course description

This training process will not only help build leadership capabilities in the area of interpersonal skills (influencing, effective communication, coaching/mentoring skills, building productive teams, etc.) but will also serve as a major opportunity to develop intrapersonal competencies (increased selfawareness, self-discipline, heightened credibility and confidence, etc.). It will also help attendees to define what the terms “leadership” and “management” mean and then how to know when to be a leader and when to be a manager – all within the context of the vision, mission, strategies, and business plans of their respective organizations and the departments they lead.


Directors and general managers, or those new to a significant leadership role.


Course content

•    Defining Leadership and Management
•    Building Trust and Confidence
•    Showing Appreciation & Praise
•    Meetings Management
•    Delegations done right
•    Choosing Managerial Style
•    Building Team Spirit
•    Analytical Thinking
•    Critical Thinking
•    Decision Making
•    Managing Change
•    Team work
•    Managing Conflicts

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