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One of the most common causes of damaging vibration in rotating equipment is shaft misalignment. This comprehensive course trains the student in the need for precision shaft alignment and instructs in the popular methods to achieve it. 


Engineers and technical staff beginners working in development, technical assistance, manufacturing and sales of lubricants, in mechanical engineering offices desiring to acquire in depth knowledge on functional properties, application of automotive and industrial lubricants. 


Course content

Shaft Alignment Basics and Alignment Theory
•    Types of Misalignment - Offset and Angularity Alignment Methods - Straightedge, Taper Gages, Dial Indicator, and Laser Methods
•    The Dial Indicator
•    The Geometry of Alignment - the Basics of Similar Triangles
•    Standard Dial Indicator Reading Conventions and Accuracy Checks
Pre-alignment Checks
•    Checking for Shaft and Coupling Run-out
•    Identifying and Correcting Soft Foot Conditions
Rim and Face Alignment Method
•    Making Measurements to Discover Angularity and Quick Calculation for Corrective Moves 
•    Making Offset Measurements and Correcting the Problem
 Common Sources of Measurement Error
Reverse Dial Alignment Method
•    The Geometric Relationship between Two Straight Lines
•    Graphical Solution to Determine Vertical Shim and Horizontal Move Corrections Computational Solution - Sign Conventions, Calculated Shim Corrections, and Determining Horizontal Moves
Field Alignment Tips
•    Preparing a Data Collection Sheet 
•     Alignment Tools and Brackets
•    Correcting for Bar Sag
•    Determining Cold Alignment Offsets by Graphical Solution
•    Tricks to Simplify Difficult Lateral Moves
•    Other Alignment Tips

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