Course description

The modern team approach to Reservoir Characterization describes productive zones more reliably through the integration of disciplines, technology, and data. Increase your proven reserves, discover by-passed pay, reduce development time and costs, improve production rates, and rejuvenate old fields through the skills learned in this course. During the course, particular attention will be paid to uncertainties and risks. It will be shown how these can be handled and their impact on the economics of hydrocarbon projects.


Geologists, geophysicists, reservoir engineers, production engineers, petrophysicists, exploration and production managers, team leaders, and research scientists.


Course content

•    Business value drivers and selection criteria
•    The scale and resolution of data
•    Variograms, correlation length
•    Time, rock, and flow units
•    Seismic attributes
•    Upscaling, streamline simulation
•    Decision trees; value of information
•    Giving and receiving feedback
•    The future of Reservoir Characterization

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