Course description

As this course has been designed and delivered to help you and your fellow participants understand the changes that will occur under the WHS Regulations, please use this opportunity to clarify any issues and seek information you may require. Your participation through group questions, discussions and in the course activities will provide you with a greater understanding that can be used to help make your workplace a safe and healthy workplace for everyone.



Course content

•    Legislative framework
•    What’s covered in the WHS regulations?
•    Key changes: WHS Regulations
•    Workplace WHS requirements
•    Workplace WHS requirements checklist
•    Case studies 1-3: WHS requirements
•    Common WHS hazards
•    Case studies 1-3: Common WHS hazards
•    High risk hazards
•    Case Studies 1 & 2: High risk hazards
•    Construction work
•    Classification of work tasks
•    High risk construction work
•    Case studies 1 & 2: construction specific requirements

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