Course description

This course gives an overview of the well construction process and an introduction to subsea drilling operations. The goal of the course is to provide an insight into the planning and execution of a modern drilling operation. Emphasis will be on the conceptual design and detailed engineering design calculations involved in planning a well.


Trainee drilling engineers, petroleum engineers and specialist service company engineers


Course content

•    Overview of Drilling Operations
•    Exploration & production licenses, Drilling personnel and Rotary drilling equipment
•    The drilling process onshore and offshore
•    Drilling economics
•    Rig Components
•    The Drillstring
•    Design of the drillstring
•    Drilling Bits
•    Design of PDC and Roller Cone Bits, selection of bits, grading of dull bits, assessing and improving the performance of drill bits.
•    Formation Pressures & Well Control
•    Introduction to origin and representation of pore pressures and fracture pressures
•    Origin, prediction and detection of abnormal pressures
•    Drilling problems associated with abnormal pressures
•    Prediction and confirmation of formation fracture pressures
•    Principles of primary & secondary well control
•    Warning signs of kicks
•    Well killing procedures
•    BOP equipment and BOP stack arrangements.
•    Drilling Fluids, Hydraulics and Casing
•    Functions, properties, design/selection of various types of drilling fluid
•    Wellsite tests performed on drilling fluids
•    Design of a solids control system
•    Introduction to pressure losses in the drilling system
•    Optimization of bit hydraulics
•    Major functions and properties of casing and casing string configurations
•    Casing running operations
•    The casing design process
•    Cementing and Directional Drilling
•    Functions and properties of cement, single and multiple stage cementing operations
•    Designing a cementing operation
•    Assessing the quality of the cement sheath
•    Introduction to directional drilling
•    Designing the trajectory for a directional well
•    Directional drilling tools and BHAs
•    Introduction to wellbore surveying
•    Calculating the trajectory of a directional well based on survey data
•    Directional surveying tools
•    Measurement While Drilling and Subsea Drilling
•    Introduction to MWD and the value of real time data
•    MWD data collection and transmission techniques
•    Introduction to tools and equipment used to drill from a floating drilling rig
•    Course review

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