Course description

To enable participants to understand the well integrity management principles and well Integrity components during the lifecycle of the well and acquire the tools and methods to eliminate and/or mitigate the loss the well integrity during Design, Construction and well Operations.
The participants will also learn how to manage a well within its operating envelope which has lost it integrity.
Well Integrity management is looked at in three distinct stages, the first stage is during the well design which includes material selection, engineering design, cement design, coating and inhibitors and cathodic protection. The second stage is monitoring the well during the life of the well locating possible leaks and/or loss of metal. The last stage is to manage and control any well integrity issues using specialized products, services and techniques.


The intended audience of this workshop is engineers and production technologists who are involved in well planning, design, construction, drilling, completion, production, well intervention and safety.


Course content

Well Barriers and Their Principles
•    Definition of a well barrier
•    Well integrity
•    Overview of industry standards and government regulations
•    Principles, schematics, and element acceptance criteria
Well Integrity Elements and Issues
•    Examples of well integrity issues
•    Well barrier elements
•    Well barrier issues
Well Barrier Verification
•    Subsea wellheads
•    Well integrity issues (cont.)
•    Well barrier verification testing
•    Loads and load cases      
Well Barrier Element Selection and Issues in Intervention and Abandonment
•    How to choose a Well Barrier Element (WBE)
•    WBE manufacturing QCP and testing
•    Well barrier issues – intervention
•    Annular pressure build up
•    Abandonment and suspension     
Well Integrity Management Systems (WIMS) and Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS)
•    WIMS and SEMS
•    Operational phase well integrity
•    Hazard analysis, emergency response, and management of change
•    Contractor selection
•    Documentation, handover, and recordkeeping  

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