Course description

This is a comprehensive course on drilling with topics covering from the planning stages of a drilling well, to selecting optimum operating conditions to achieve ‘cost effective’ as well as, safe drilling practices. The instructor will list the stages of planning, explain each one of them, show example cases, and finally, will let the students work on sample cases. A number of popular industry software packages will also be used to demonstrate the concepts explained during lectures. The students will have hands-on experience with these software packages. However, dangerous assumptions inherent in these software packages will also be explained.


Drilling engineers, toolpushers, drillers, company representatives & service company personnel


Course content

•    Introduction
•    Types of rigs
•    Rig equipment
•    Methods of drilling
•    Well proposal & design
•    Well drilling program
•    Making Hole & Bit Selection
•    Drilling Fluids (Mud types)
•    Casing design
•    Casing Operation
•    Cement design
•    Cementing Operation
•    Case study 
•    Type of wells 
•    Design Deviation , Horizontal and Multilateral Wells
•    Optimize drilling and work over operations
•    Well completion
•    Well testing and set up well on production 
•    Production system optimization 
•    Lost Circulation
•    Stuck Pipe
•    Kick & well control
•    Shale problems
•    Fishing
•    Problems and Practical Exercises

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